As part of the hygienists’ commitment to our profession, we know that staying up to date on current research and industry information is critical to our continued success. The GDHA supports their membership by publishing FLOSSLINE, which is dedicated to providing updates and news about oral health and local happenings to GDHA constituents.

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Publications Committee Chair: Available

This committee is responsible for editing and publishing the official newsletter of GDHA, the Flossline. Specific duties of this committee include:

  • Exercising editorial control over the contents of the Flossline.
  • Establishing deadlines for sending materials to be including in the newsletter.
  • Publishing the newsletter at intervals that have been established by GDHA Executive Board.
  • Securing articles and information for each issue of the newsletter.
  • Soliciting advertising and financial support for the publication.
  • Publishing the newsletter as inexpensively as possible. Note: To this end, the Flossline has recently become an online publication. It is published in pdf (Adobe Acrobat) format for download/printing convenience.

If you are a member of GDHA and don’t have access to Flossline, please send an email to

Editorial Review Board for Flossline

The official publication of the Georgia Dental Hygienists’ Association, Flossline, is published three times a year. Nothing may be reprinted without permission of the Editor.

Flossline articles are reviewed for clarity and space availability. The GDHA Editorial Review Board reviews a draft prior to publication per GDHA policy.

Members of the Editorial Review Board are:

  • Immediate Past President
  • President
  • President-Elect
  • Legislative Chair

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