President’s Message

GDHA President, Misty Mattingly

As president of your GDHA, I am actively engaged in every opportunity presented to our association to provide input, enhance leadership skills, and drive our profession forward. We need your involvement now as we have a very important year ahead of us. My theme this year is that it’s the crazy ones that change the world. Look at Einstein, Steve Jobs, and the Wright Brothers they had a dream, people often thought that they were crazy and some may think that as we pursue legislative changes to “catch up” this year in Georgia! Currently we have 44 states that allow RDH’s to provide anesthesia to their patients and 45 states allow hygienist to work without a dentist present. It is my mission as GDHA president to help push the efforts for equality forward.

Georgia Catch Up

GDHA has a bill in the Health and Human Services committee waiting to be heard this legislative year. HB 684 would allow hygienists to provide care directly to the public under the supervision of a dentist but a dentist would not be have to be present in the treatment facility. Therefore, improving access to care in our state and adding jobs for dental hygienists. Your local chapter is working with activist groups, legislatures, and coalitions to gain support for changing the dental hygiene profession here in Georgia.

GDHA has been selected as Georgia’s Coalition on Aging 2016 legislative priority. This is GREAT news for GDHA and our list of advocates supporting HB 684 is growing by leaps and bounds.

My personal passions are leadership and advocacy. Leadership is how we as dental hygienists can make an impact and aid Georgia in catching up!

We are deliberately positioning ourselves within the oral health care industry, which will be critical to the future of our profession. Advocacy needs to be a primary focus as GDHA continues to support efforts to remove legislative and regulatory limitations that could restrict you from working to the highest level of your education and licensure.

I am working hard to lead a contemporary, effective, and relevant association. As a collaborative leader I will continue to listen and act wisely. I am absolutely committed to empowering you as a dental hygienists to be an active contributor to the organization and profession.

I am excited about this year the future of dental hygiene and you all being a part of it!!

Remember to think big and big things will happen!!!

You are in the smile business and smiles bring joy to others! Remember to live passionately for this profession, reach for the stars, because you can!!

Our 2015-2016 President Jill Rethman’s theme is upward!! When we look upward our focus shifts from a mere linear progression of the ordinary to the extraordinary galaxies yet to be traveled! It’s to infinity and beyond from here! Sounds a little crazy to me and I like it!!!

I look forward to seeing you all this year at events!

Your President,
Misty Mattingly, RDH