GDHA created a petition in support of HB684; each time it is signed it sends a letter to our legislators asking them to support the bill.  Please sign and share our petition with your friends and family members.


HB 684 promotes Georgia’s public health infrastructure where dental hygienists may provide dental hygiene duties to include; nonprofit clinics, health care facilities, long-term care facilities, school based programs and other facilities or settings approved by the Georgia Board of Dentistry. 

This bill is Socially and Fiscally Responsible.  It creates jobs for an existing skilled workforce, expands enterprise for localized small business owners and it saves the state money for dentally related hospital emergency room visits that could have been prevented.

HB 684  has been assigned to Health and Human Services for the 2016 legislative session. By supporting this bill you are making a positive impact on the lives of of Georgians.


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